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Over the past several years, child care and early learning have become major focal points of candidates and elected officials at all levels of government on both sides of the aisle, with voters increasingly looking to policymakers for solutions to the child care challenges facing working parents.

Increasingly, candidates on the campaign trail are leveraging quality child care – not just as a policy priority, but as a political opportunity to reach voters on both sides of the aisle. 

Americans are united when it comes to early learning and care and their desire to have the issue remain a priority for policymakers in Washington. Ten years of state and national polling have shown a steady increase in support for greater investments in quality early learning and care opportunities.

Over the years, the results have been consistent: Americans see value in high-quality early learning and care, and they want more choices and greater access to these opportunities. Despite the importance families place on high-quality child care and early learning, families continue to struggle to afford quality options. Voters agree: families need access to quality, affordable child care and early learning. 

Briefing Materials

Child care and early learning are unifying issues with strong bipartisan voter support. Candidates can use the briefing materials below to understand how federal support increases opportunities for quality, affordable child care and early learning for working families.

Bipartisan Polling

Voters overwhelmingly support Federal investments in child care across the political spectrum.

State & Local Demand

View the impact and need of federal investment in early learning and child care in your state.

Federal Guide to Early Learning and Care Programs

Few issues have as strong a return on investment for families, children, and local economies than ensuring families have access to high-quality, affordable, early learning education.

Policy Priorities

Stay Informed

Visit the First Five Years Fund for more news, policy updates, and recommendations to increase federal funding for children and their families.